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No 2 Boards Are Alike

Surf Inspired

Perfectly Imperfect

Simple, Functional, CreativeDesign

"With a background in surfboard shaping and glassing my goal was to make a handmade skateboard to go check the surf, then go surf on my handmade surfboard." I use the same techniques in surfboard building (shaping and glassing) to create a retro skateboard cruiser design, and it's a gratifying feeling bringing surfing and skateboarding together in a skateboard design that surfers and skateboarders can both appreciate. There is no paint on these boards, all color is hand glassed resin color just like classic surfboard design and there is NO color grip-tape, the color designs are the resin in the wood with wood carved tails with a light clear grip so the hand made resin work can be seen and enjoyed. Boards are also wood shaped by hand as well.

Perfectly Imperfect

"I wanted a raw handmade look but simple clean and inspiring. Colors, tones and designs are a bit different on every board, It keeps it fresh and gratifying for me when designing each board, like a piece of art. I want to keep people excited and curious. Every board is different and original just like the customer."

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Unconventional Construction

Wood, fiberglass, surfboard resin color. When I started in the design stages I didn't want to go with conventional hard woods. I went with a bit softer wood which allowed the resin to soak into the wood, therefore made a dampening effect for vibration and a solid smooth feel. Top and bottom are reinforced with three layers of 6oz fiberglass for strength. The flex is on the stiffer side, which holds speed through carves and tuns. I still have my first test board, I've smashed it into curbs, put it though endless rail slides and slappy grinds to test durability. Still going strong and very durable cruiser. Wear & Tear is the same as standard skateboard. Deck is flat for a bigger platform to move around on the board, with a really mellow tail kick, these boards are designed for cruising. All boards shown already have/come with clear grip.

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